The fourth quarter was considered as the most explosive one in the year 2019 because at that time, Nguyen Phong team had to not only work at full capacity but also work overtime in order to finish all projects before the Lunar New Year 2020. 


Large projects with many items from inside to outside require engineers (supervisors) of Nguyen Phong to follow the works closely to ensure the progress of constructions, accuracy of each product, and address problems arising from constructions timely. Although the showroom for our customer in Kien Giang is a provincial construction project with extremely large volume amount of work and pressure at the end of the year, Nguyen Phong still ensured the construction quality and finished the project before the Tet holiday to handover to investors.


With the purpose of using the showroom as a place to both display products and live, particularly on the top floor, the investor of the project required that the showroom had to get high aesthetic factor, have its own appearance, and show the owner’s style.


  • The construction items include:

+ CNC cutting iron stair railing.

+ Facade for decorating the terrace.

+ Protective and decorative skylight frame in the middle of showroom.

+ Partition wall for decorating the second floor.

+ CNC cutting iron window protective frame.

+ CNC cutting iron pattern frame for decorating door.


  • The total construction area is up to 84 square meters

  • Production time is 20 days, and installation time is within 15 days.


1. CNC cutting iron stair railing.

          Stair railing was the part occupying the most volume of the construction and also was the most difficult one to install because in addition to safety criteria, the aesthetic factor was the most important of this stair railing system. 


“Spider web” is the major source of inspiration of this design with the meaning of uniting every space of the house to create an identical and firm system.


Only after the technicians of Nguyen Phong took the accurate measurement of the stair railing at the construction site and redraw the whole railing system according to the actual measurement can the construction and manufacturing progress be carried out.


CNC cutting iron pattern plates with the thickness of 5 mm are strong and safe enough to use. The length of stair railing is up to 45 linear meters.


           This stair railing system is special because:


  • These pattern plates must have the exact measurement to be welded to each other at the bend points.

  • There was no support pillars and no welding directly on the stairs.

  • PU bonding accessories were used to link the CNC cutting iron plates to the wall.


With this stair railing design, customers can use handrails or not. The handrail is usually installed on the side of CNC cutting iron pattern plates so that when looking from the outside, we will not see handrails, and they will not be rough and look very unique. 



The pure white paint of the stair railing also helps the house to be brighter and more luxurious, and it is very easy for homeowners to clean these CNC cutting iron pattern plates.



2. CNC cutting iron facade for decorating the terrace


For the item of CNC cutting iron facade, Nguyen Phong has a lot of experience so that the manufacturing and construction do not encounter any difficulties.

The facades’re 4mm thick and have total areas up to 24 square meters. The CNC cutting iron pattern is relatively eye-catching and cute which made satisfied the owner at the first sight. In our expectation, this design does not  make us disappointed by its extremely sparkling appearance both at night and during the day. In addition, there is a small door constructed as the homeowner’s requirement on the site of the facade so that everyone can enjoy more natural atmosphere and feel more relaxed.

3. CNC cutting iron skylight frame decorated with patterns.



For this item, both Nguyen Phong and the owner were surprised to see how suitable and beautiful it was after being finished. Decorative frame is made of iron plates which have the thickness of 4 mm with foliage pattern. As a result, when the sun shines down on the top of the house, the patterned skylight frame looks like a natural foliage which makes the space become more interesting without glare.


If you has young children, the decorative skylight frame is definitely a must-have solution for your house. You can refer to more models of skylights here.

4. CNC cutting iron partition wall for decorating the second floor.



The partition wall named Apricot blossom - Orchid - Chrysanthemum is stylized from the “Four Gentlemen” including Cedar, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo, and Apricot blossom. Partition wall is designed with gentle CNC cutting iron pattern and covered with white paint which is synchronized with the staircase and decorative skylight frame.


Instead of using the concrete wall for separating the spaces, Nguyen Phong's customer made a great decision to design a CNC cutting iron partition wall which has the thickness of 4mm and is fixedly welded to three extremely solid wall surfaces. Customers use this partition wall to make the space more airy, spacious, and no longer monotonous.

5. Window protective frame and decorative door frame



Window protective frame of Nguyen Phong had a CNC cutting iron pattern frame with the thickness of 4 mm. The host chose a modern pattern painted in the same paint color with a striking yellow wall which is used as the display area of the product.


Additionally, door was also installed inside the glass with 2 mm thick CNC iron pattern plate, which is painted with white color in order to make the door look more solid and identical.

The items related to CNC cutting has always been Nguyen Phong's strength. Finishing the project with absolute satisfaction from customers is the happiness of Nguyen Phong after days to work overtime to keep up schedule.


Each project finished is not only the challenge but also the pride of Nguyen Phong when receiving the trust of customers. 



We always appreciate that and try our best to improve the quality of service and construction quality every day. 

Furthermore, Nguyen Phong sincerely thanks the partnership and trust of customers and investors over the past time so that Nguyen Phong can complete the showroom in Kien Giang well.


In addition to providing and constructing CNC cutting iron items, Nguyen Phong has been speeding up more and more wrought iron items for projects, such as luxurious villas or classic townhouses. 


Wrought iron items have the product quality which is as good as CNC cutting ones and also create long-term artistic values.

Contact Nguyen Phong immediately to get advice and best quotes for CNC cutting iron items and artistic wrought iron.


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