Nguyen Phong Metal is one of Vietnam's leading companies specializing in metal art. We have supplied metal-art products at reasonably competitive prices all over the world, especially in North American and European areas.

Introduce Company

Nguyen Phong Metal (formerly known as Nguyen Phong Technical Co., Ltd) is one of the leading companies specializing in metal art in Vietnam. We have officially established and developed since 2015 by people who are passionate about iron art products. With a team of experienced designers, technicians and salesmen, Nguyen Phong Metal has provided customers with iron art products at good competitive prices to export all over the world, especially American and European areas.
With the motto of taking customer satisfaction as a measure of business development, we commit to providing customers with enthusiastic advice and high-quality products: Gates, Doors, Fences, Stair & balcony railings, Window grills, Partition walls, Canopies, Skylights, Facades, Tables & chairs, ...




NGUYEN PHONG METAL is one of the leading Vietnamese companies specializing in designing, fabricating, installing, and exporting art iron products such as gates, doors, fences, stair & balcony railings, window grilles, canopies, pergolas, and other decorative wrought iron products for houses, villas, palaces, resorts, and hotels, etc.

  • Supply and machine wrought iron products for housing, villa such as iron gates, iron doors, iron fences, partition walls, window protective frames, balcony railings, stair handrails,...
  • Artistic iron is applied to decorate furniture and garden, such as chairs, tables, beds, swings, decorative lampshade and shelves.



Nguyen Phong Metal understands that making a house, building, project is the passion of homeowners and investors. So to accompany with our customers and partners, Nguyen Phong Metal always tries our best to accomplish our purpose that is TRUST & QUALITY.

Nguyen Phong Metal creates high-quality products for each construction and we receives the trust of customers and partners, which is the motivation making Nguyen Phong Metal become more developed in human resources, products and equipments.

Nguyen Phong Metal sends customers and partners the basic information about our working process.



1.The reason why you choose Nguyen Phong Metal:

  • Meticulously handcrafted wrought iron products by artists.
  • Hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust.
  • Famous and best paint brands: Asia from Singapore company.
  • Products are galvanized and painted 2-component epoxy with the smooth, gloss, and the highest level of colour lasting performance.
  • Provide 2D (and 3D) design drawings before production.
  • Consult model suitable for your home and budget.
  • The most competitive price.
  • After customers pick up the items, after-sales support is helping with the installation process (such as videos) or any problems relating to the products

2. Average production time:

  • Average production time: 30-75 days.

  • Average shipping time: 30-45 days.

3. Delivery & Customer policy:


  • Production process is observed strictly and closely by a team of experienced quality control inspectors from the production process at the factory until the products are packed in the pallet carefully and delivered to the port.

  • Nguyen Phong will support customers to find the safest shipping agent with the best price and constantly update the progress of the transportation until customers received the products.

  • After customers pick up the items, after-sales support is helping with the installation process (such as videos) or any problems relating to the product.


4. Hot dip galvanized & Painting:

  • All wrought iron products are hot-dip galvanized to protect them from rust.

  • Treating the surface smooth and beautiful after hot-dip galvanizing and before painting.

  • Hammerite high-end 2-component Epoxy paint.

  • Using Epoxy paint from Asian and Jotun brand.



5. Nguyen Phong Metal - Partners

In our effort, we commit to bring customers:

  • Making 2D & 3D drawings on demand by artists.

  • Each of our items can then reflect signature remarks of the project, which every project owner and designers would always feel proud of.

  • Products are handcrafted by true artisans & hot dip galvanized at our factory in Vietnam.

  • Sketched by experienced architects, and manufactured by enthusiastic workers.

  • Professional workflow from receiving quotation - making drawings - QC double check during production process - packaging - delivery support.


With more than 10 years of experience in both local and export markets, we are able to offer advices for proper designs, most economical production solution and safe transportation. Working with Nguyen Phong Metal, you can rest assure that your project will get the best value in terms of quality, art and money you paid.

Nguyen Phong Metal has exported a great number of art iron products to many countries all around the world and luckily all of them satisfied with the quality of our products. Receiving compliments from customers is one of the most powerful motivations that give us a great effort to do better. Hotline (Whatsapp/Viber): +84 908.848.518 or +8491.434.7679 (Contact with our wholesale team).





ADDRESS: 323A Le Quang Dinh, Ward 5, Binh Thanh District, HCMC

FACTORY 1: Vinh Loc Industrial Zone, Binh Chanh Dist, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

FACTORY 2: Binh Giao, Thuan An Dist, Binh Duong Provice, Vietnam

Hotline: +84 908 848 518 (zalo, viber, whatsapp)

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