Nguyen Phong finished and handed over Mr. Duc’s work to him: Anh Duc - Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City.



The work consists of the following items which are CNC cutting iron gate with modern patterns, balcony railing, solid iron stair railing, skylight, and partition wall for the altar. All products are manufactured by Nguyen Phong team from consulting on selecting models, designing, machining, painting, and completing installation at the site.



1. The patterned CNC cutting iron gate 


The house is designed in a modern minimalist style, with white color for main wall backdrop and gray and black color for gates, doors, stairs, and balconies. This is a harmonious combination in color schemes.



 For the house, the set of gates is considered as a facade because the only way to go into a house is taking through the gate. With this project, the owner chooses a fan-shaped leaf pattern. The patterned CNC cutting iron gate is designed with modern and simple patterns. 




Besides, the combination of gray paint with aluminum and glass gates makes it stand out from the dominant white tones of the house. The set of 4-wing gate consists of patterned iron plates with a thickness of 6mm and gate accessories such as 360-degree rotating hinge, vertical gate latch, and a doorknob. The entire gate is painted with gray color.



2. Solid iron stair railing



With simple designs, stair railings are iron bars which are made of solid iron, drilled holes in the stone, and installed. The whole product is painted with black color. 





The handrail is made of wood. The staircase is the connection between the floors, so it should be noticed. According to the general design, the staircase is also simplified without patterns but still a highlight.




3. Solid iron balcony railing


Like stair railing, balcony railing is also made of square solid iron, machined, and installed in the stone. Instead of wood, the handrail of stair railing is made of rectangular hollow steel painted with faux wood.


4. Patterned CNC cutting partition wall



To make the space of your house airy, we will use partition walls instead of strong walls to separate the space, create ventilation and decorate the house. Homeowner chooses a pattern which is similar to the pattern of the gate. The installation location separates the aisle and the altar. The partition wall is painted with gold color which makes it stand out from the dominant white tones of the house.



5. Patterned CNC cutting skylight





Currently, most designs for housing are open space which receives as much natural light as possible.








Therefore,the  skylight is one of the top choices.




In this project, there are two large skylights connecting all the floors.






These large skylights are covered with tempered glass, and below is an iron frame to support the glass. A small skylight frame is placed on the 3rd floor which is the path to the baby’s bedrooms in the house. With the expectation of not having too much sun shining on the walkway, the skylight is covered with translucent tempered glass to reduce sunlight.




Besides, because of a desire of creating a pattern when the sun shines down to, the customer chose the patterned CNC cutting plate underneath the tempered glass. The palm-leaf-shaped pattern is the main one of a skylight frame. Let’s review the pictures of the skylight frame.



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