Building the house can catch the sunlight and natural wind has become a current trend. In order to ensure that the house can not only catch the wind but also be safe, architects often design patterned decorative metal panels. In addition to the above functions, patterned decorative metal panels also bring aesthetics to the house.

Classic CNC cutting iron and wrought iron awnings - The latest trend of artistic iron in 2020

Creating flower-shaped light effects from patterned CNC cutting iron skylights has been becoming a current trend that attracts many people’s attention because of its shimmer and originality. 

If you are wondering about finding something new for your skylight, this article will give you a lot of suggestions.


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Nowadays, with the development of modern life, human demand for multi-function products has been increasing. 

One of them is a removable decorative panel used for decorating the facade of houses and offices.


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Classic CNC cutting iron and wrought iron awnings, iron canopy - The latest trend of artistic iron in 2020

The awning which is a part of the architecture of buildings and houses and the overhang on the porch covers the entrance area and living space under the porch and in front of the house.


A decorative wrought iron awning will be a new trend for the architecture industry in the coming years.


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