Classic CNC cutting iron and wrought iron awnings - The latest trend of artistic iron in 2020

1. What is a skylight?

Skylight is considered as an architectural solution combining with techniques to create application value and aesthetic value for the house through the use of artistic patterned decorative panels. Skylights help air circulate from indoors to outdoors and vice versa to catch the wind, and air enters into the house horizontally (exchange and circulation).


Skylight is usually placed above the house according to principles of design floor space in a townhouse. Specifically, skylights can be placed at the top of stairs to take advantage of natural light, increase the vitality of the house, and facilitate movement. Importantly, natural light is very good for the development of children.



2. The trend of creating light effects from skylights.


Similar to the effects of the CNC iron partition wall, CNC cutting iron skylight utilizes the effects of daylight through the custom CNC cutting iron patterns. The patterned frame is designed according to the owner’s requirements, so you can create anything you like. On the other hand, artistic patterns or CNC cutting images create  flower-shaped light effects in the daytime that stimulate the imagination of children.


In addition, in harmony with the elements of Feng Shui, the skylight can be placed in other locations such as bathroom, kitchen and even the living room.  In the past, the airy design without a protective frame made the house lack safety,  and the interior quickly damaged during heavy rain and wind,  and there were dozens of other inconveniences when traditional skylights were not available drainage design at the foot of the skylight.


3. Patterned CNC cutting iron frame is applied to protect and decorate skylights



Instead of the traditional skylight design, modern architectural design mainly uses modern skylight which has a heat-resistant glass block and combines with a protective frame under it in order to catch natural light for the house and help to circulate air. In other words, the use of a protective frame and heat-resistant tempered glass helps to protect skylight. Therefore, in the space of skylight,  you can decorate the interior freely and do your daily activities without any fear of the impact of the weather. It’s very convenient for you to plant trees, adopt fishes, and get natural light and air thanks to the design of skylight on the top.


If we use an open tempered glass roof above the house to get natural air, a protective frame must be placed under the roof to create safety for the house. However, in order to create a design that does not make the house stuffy, homeowners and design units often prefer to use artistic patterned CNC cutting metal panels to create artistic and interesting light spaces which makes you feel like living in an old forest.


Patterned CNC cutting panel which is made of iron and used material-protective paint system has the ability to withstand the impacts of weather and brings the safety and aesthetic to your house. Indeed,light effects bring pleasant feelings to guests as well as homeowners.


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