The balcony is usually mounted from the second floor upwards. The balcony having handrails ensures safety in use. At the railing position , there will be a door to the room inside the house or building.



The balcony is the protruding part, so it’s considered as the highlight for the outside of the house. The selection of railing will depend on the general design style of the house or building. 


The materials selected for balcony railing are also diverse, but there are some popular ones, such as iron (artistic iron railing), glass (glass railing), concrete (water hyacinth railing), wood (wooden railing), stainless steel (stainless steel railing or stainless steel handrails). Nguyen Phong Metal will send to customers the pattern designs of balcony railing with artistic iron materials.

The houses with classic or European architecture have balcony railings which are designed and used iron materials to make curved lines and add more stylized floral details which create a highlight for exterior works. For classic works, classic balcony railing not only is beautiful but also shows the class of the works. The value of artistic iron lies in the detail and sophistication in each bending line that is only achieved by long-time and experienced workers.


For houses with modern architecture, balcony railing is used modern patterns which are designed and manufactured on steel plates with CNC cutting technology.

No matter what kind of architecture is, whether you choose design according to wrought or CNC cutting iron, the patterns for balcony railing are always diverse, and each pattern possesses a unique appearance.

The wrought iron balcony railing must be machined and manufactured with a skilled team of workers because it takes a long time to turn the rough iron bar into a masterpiece. Besides, the patterned iron balcony railing is also focused on the way to show drawings and machine systems. 

All products in Nguyen Phong Metal have high durability with anti-rust primer, and outside color paint layer to ensure both aesthetic and quality, even outdoors, and increase lifetime of products.

If customers have an interest in the artistic iron balcony railing items, you can refer to Nguyen Phong Metal's website or call us via hotline 0908.848.518. We will consult to choose the most appropriate pattern.



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