1. The trend for using door products with decorative CNC cutting pattern panels.


Products like balustrades, partition walls and applications of patterned CNC cutting iron are widely used, and nowadays this material is also used to make doors to create safer feelings.



The door design is very diverse in style and material. Sliding doors have recently been one of the most noticeable door models instead of revolving doors, and conventional folding doors.


Unlike revolving doors and folding doors, the sliding door is a design consisting of one or more doors fixed on chutes or sliding rails. Sliding doors open and close to one side or two sides along the rail/ slide.



Sliding doors are so popular because of their smart and outstanding design compared to the traditional door design which has wings of the door connected and revolving or folding operation. The design of sliding doors in one block creates a sense of being more elegant and sophisticated


2.Components of sliding doors:

Sliding doors must have 3 main parts:

  • Chute or sliding rail: Fixed on the floor for sliding doors and fixed above, sticking to the wall for hanging sliding doors. Chutes and sliding rails are sliding trajectories, helping to operate the door in a fixed direction.

  • Door: is the most essential and important part. In particular, iron is a durable and sturdy material, and many people prefer it due to its safety. The pattern brings aesthetic values to the door. Patterned CNC cutting panels are designed according to the homeowner’s requirements with a thickness depending on the needs of the use.

  • Roller or bearing: This is the link between the door and the sliding rail, and reduces the force of opening and closing the door.



3. Why do you choose the sliding door?

  • Convenient and smart designs are used in both classic and modern space if the right CNC cutting pattern is chosen.

  • Being easy to operate and saving space. Conventional doors need enough space to open and close but the sliding doors don’t. They only need a small space of the wall to slide and open.

  • Door materials are sturdy; patterned CNC cutting designs in which homeowners unleash their creativity. Especially, regarding the CNC cutting pattern panel, homeowners can catch the air and natural sunshine without being afraid of the gaze of the passerby.

  • Sliding doors that are suitable for almost any space from the bedroom, living room, and office can be main doors, auxiliary doors, and even gates (actually sliding gates are very popular).

You surely feel very interested and impressed by the designs of smart sliding doors in countries like Japan, Korea or many other Western countries. You want to choose a smart sliding door model that is suitable for your home. Let's learn more about the operating design of the two main models of the sliding door today:




4.Hanging sliding doors and sliding door:

4.1 Hanging sliding doors:

Hanging sliding doors use the upper chutes or sliding rails in order to operate the door and use the lower vertical latch. This type of sliding door is preferred due to its high aesthetic and safety when using because there no rails are blocking the aisle.


However, the disadvantage of this type of door is that it’s more noticeable to the weight of the door, and the design of the rail frame must withstand the weight of the door and external forces when using.


4.2 Sliding doors: 

Sliding doors use the lower chutes and sliding rails, these doors will slide on the rails, and use the horizontal latch or the upper latch. This kind of door is installed more easily. Sliding doors are safer because they can handle heavy doors gently and firmly.

Sliding rail section is usually fixed in the ground to reduce the travel obstruction; however, the disadvantage is lack of the aesthetic and harder to clean.

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