1. CNC laser cut gates – Why should you use CNC laser cut iron gates?

Laser cut gate is a model that has only appeared in the last few decades and was only completely popular in Vietnam in the early 21st century because of the strong development from the mechanical industry. The CNC machinery system is increasingly modernized, optimizing processing time and production costs, making products from CNC laser cut metal closer to customers, especially customers who build houses, make gates.


Before the appearance of CNC laser cutting machines on metal, iron gates could only be wrought iron gates, and iron tube gates. It seems to have very few options for modern villas and townhouses. It can be said that the CNC laser cut gate is a breakthrough in the mechanical industry of manufacturing and supplying iron gate door items because of the outstanding advantages that cannot be replaced:

  • Pattern samples are diversified with thousands of CNC laser cut patterns designed and stored over many years. And always updated by Nguyen Phong Metal every day.

  • Fast lead time. The average processing time for a set of CNC laser cut iron gates is only 15 -25 days.

  • Limited welds, less rust, longer  product lifespan than previous multi-welded gates.


2. Beautiful CNC laser cutting patterns:

It can be said that the CNC laser cutting pattern is the deciding factor for 70% of the beauty of the gate. But to choose a pattern is not as difficult as some customers think. Nguyen Phong Metal has the secret for you to choose the merge pattern without having to be dizzy among hundreds of different CNC laser cutting patterns.


  • Firstly, You can completely view and choose any CNC laser cutting pattern,or laser cutting gate model online and send it to Nguyen Phong Metal. Nguyen Phong Metal will redesign the entire pattern and gate system for you.

  • Second, you can discuss with Nguyen Phong Metal about the type of pattern you want for your gate. Nguyen Phong Metal will send you the most suitable patterns.

  • Third: You can send Nguyen Phong Metal 3D design images, actual pictures of your house so that Nguyen Phong Metal can send you the most suitable CNC laser cutting gate and pattern samples for your home design.

3. 2-wing CNC laser cutting gate


The most beautiful designs and models of 2-wing CNC laser cut iron gates in 2023.

4. 4-wing CNC gate Cổng

The most beautiful designs and models of 4-wing CNC laser cut iron gates in 2021

5. CNC laser cutting sliding gate


Sliding iron gate has its own special design. The options for gate design and operation will depend on the actual conditions at the construction site. Nguyen Phong Metal will advise you on the best construction options.

6. The hottest gate models for townhouses and villas in 2021

7. Classic gate design for luxury housing, Villa

In addition to providing modern CNC gates - products that have built the Nguyen Phong Metal brand for many years, the Wrought Iron Gate (classic gate design) is also a product dedicated to the high-end customer segment who are passionate about handmade products and classical architecture.


Customers can schedule online meetings with our sales team via email: sales@nguyenphongcnc.com or WhatsApp +84 908 848 518. We are very welcome and look forward to hearing your requirements about CNC model gate or classic gate design

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