Custom wrought iron gate and balcony railing for housing order from Italia

Mr. Flavi* is a supplier of installation services for iron gates, iron fences, iron balcony railing, and other products for homes in the city of Rome (Italy). He found Nguyen Phong Metal through Google and this website. We were fortunate to work with and supply products to Mr. Flavi*. These beautifully crafted wrought iron products from Vietnam were exported for the first time to the beautiful country of Italy.

1. Custom-made handcrafted wrought iron gates and balcony railings (at factory prices) for installer.

Nguyen Phong Metal is fortunate to have access to and listen to many customers who are builders and installers specializing in interior and exterior furnishing products for high-end housing constructions such as townhouses, villas, restaurants, hotels, and castles. They have experience in installing iron gates, fences, doors, balcony railing, and protective frames.

Builders and installers often come to us because they are looking for a supplier of handmade wrought iron art products that they cannot find locally. Metalwork is not a common profession worldwide, only prevalent in some countries, including Vietnam.

Mr. Flavi* also came to us for those reasons. He was looking for a reputable and quality manufacturer of wrought iron gates and balcony railing because his customers are very classy and have high quality aesthetic requirements. Mostly they are customers who love handmade wrought iron art products, not industrial steel products that are dull and low quality.

2. Order information: Wrought iron gates and balcony railing.

Main gate 3200x2000mm Pattern using 16mm solid square iron and 10mm solid round iron, 3mm iron sheet. Matte brown color (Asia brand) according to request
Side gate 1000x2000mm Pattern using 16mm solid square iron and 10mm solid round iron, 3mm iron sheet. Matte brown color (Asia brand) according to request
Balcony railing 35 lianer metter (10 frame) Pattern using 14mm square solid iron. Matte brown color (Asia brand) according to request


This is an entire product ordered exclusively for one house that Mr. Flavio is providing construction services for. Basically, the weather in Italy is quite mild, so Mr. Flavi* did not require hot-dip galvanizing for the entire wrought iron gate and balcony railing products.


When ordering at Nguyen Phong Metal's factory, Mr. Flavi* only needed to provide accurate dimensions for the gate and railing frames (measured on-site). All design, manufacturing, and installation instructions will be provided by Nguyen Phong Metal, including installation support (online) after receiving the products.

3. Working process and manufacturing at the Nguyen Phong Metal factory.

After Mr. Flavi* agreed to the entire product quote, he and our sales team had an online meeting to show him the materials we will use, sample products, and observe our workers at the factory. He was very satisfied and agreed to order.

Customers can schedule online meetings with our sales team via email: or WhatsApp +84 908 848 518. We are very welcome and look forward to hearing your requirements.

We provide 2D design drawings immediately after 3 working days. The design adjustment work is quite fast. After all 2D drawings are accepted (via email), we proceed to implement production at the factory.

Manufacturing time for this order is 30 working days.

Weekly, our factory provides images in the production progress report for all customers. Mr. Flavi* always feels secure about this working process, and it helps him understand more about how we produce handmade wrought iron gates and other wrought iron products.

4. Information on wrought iron product transportation:

Mr. Flavi* and many customers who are familiar with international purchasing will often find and designate an international shipping provider themselves. Reputable international transportation companies will accurately advise customers on transportation costs, taxes and fees, and transportation times. They carry out the task of picking up goods at our factory and delivering to the address for customers.

We will provide full transportation information such as:

-     The estimated weight (approximately accurate) of the product after completion.

-     Weight and size of the packaged goods after careful packing.

-     Certification of origin documents (to obtain tax benefits).

-     Information on goods and other notes.

Also, if the customer is not familiar with international purchases or has barriers in finding transportation providers to pick up goods in Vietnam. We will help you find 3 transportation providers with the estimated quote for you to consider and choose.

5. Nguyen Phong Metal - Vietnam handmade wrought iron factory.

We are very proud to be the manufacturer and exporter of handmade wrought iron products made in Vietnam to the world, especially to the European market.

The wrought iron gate, door, and balcony railing products of Nguyen Phong Metal contribute to beautifying and increasing the value of customers' houses. We are looking forward to cooperating with builders and installers and believe that wrought iron products from Nguyen Phong Metal will not disappoint you

Customers can schedule online meetings with our sales team via email: or WhatsApp +84 908 848 518. We are very welcome and look forward to hearing your requirements.

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