The construction season is approaching and the house construction projects of many customers are also progressing to refer to the finished interior and exterior products. A complete house is indispensable for a beautiful classic gate design. The gate is considered especially important for a house, both protecting and decorating the facade of the house and has great significance in Feng Shui.


Choosing high-end art iron is a very popular trend many years ago and now. Artistic iron gate is a product suitable for many architectural styles from modern to classical, can give your house a modern, simple, impressive look and also bring a majestic and luxurious look.


For modern homes, people often prefer CNC laser cut iron gate products. The design is very diverse from 1 wing, 2 wings, 3 wings, 4 wings with different operating ways such as folding doors, sliding doors, doors with automatic motors... You can see more here.


What about houses and villas with classic gate design and neoclassical styles?



Wrought iron gate design is definitely an investment option not to be missed. Why?


  • Villa gate has a variety of designs, and the design can be adjusted according to the ideas and preferences of the homeowner. The design of wrought iron gates is diverse because the gate materials have hundreds of different types and specifications of iron and steel. Besides, there are hundreds of accessories, attached cast iron patterns giving us a lot of options to design a beautiful gate set.

  • Villa gate brings the soul of the ironworker - can also be called art iron craftsman. Each pattern bended by the hands of a craftsman who loves the job and has a lot of experience will give you a work of art, not just a gate. That is the feature that makes the wrought iron gate always keep its place and special love in the face of the massive invasion of cast iron gates and CNC laser cut gates.

  • Besides the quality of aesthetics and materials, villa gate design are cheaper than cast gates and vary in price for different simple or complex designs. In particular, you can own luxurious and majestic gate models for classic villas but the cost is better than other gate models.


Small gate: simple, small, delicate design.

These are usually gate models used for garden houses, villas, and resorts for decoration purposes. Or used for security residential areas with specific regulations on gate size standards for the entire residential area. These simple small gate design are usually short (less than 2 meters) and the design is also simpler. But because it is a product for high-class houses, the gate, even if it is simple, must still be a high-class, delicate product and ensure lines, aesthetic treatment in every little detail

Large gate: sturdy, monumental and classy design.

This is usually a rather complicated gate design because of the large gate, high technical requirements as well as detailed and thorough design requirements from the homeowner. In order to make a gate worthy of a high-class villa, the gate-making unit takes more time and design effort. For high-end product lines, the classic gate design is an extremely important step, helping customers visualize their products and deciding the customer's evaluation when receiving the actual product. Always keeping prestige with customers, Nguyen Phong Metal ensures that the product when made must be 100% similar to the design.


In addition, the large gate, driveway gate design for the villas always has a set of monumental gate patterns on the top, meticulously designed. That is the highlight of the uniqueness of each metal villa gate design.

Wrought iron gates for villa, garden – resort

The villa gate design, gardens gate and iron gate for castle are usually slender and elegant iron gate designs, with vividly rich floral details, often bringing a cozy and friendly feeling like small flower gardens.

The villa gate design, gardens gate and iron gate for castle often have an airy design, in harmony with nature. But not because of that, the loose campus design is unsafe.

So how to meet both of those criteria? It’s both in harmony with nature and safety at the same time.

Surely you cannot ignore the classic wrought iron gate design as below. Wrought art iron is soft, flexible, artistic, does not obscure the view but is extremely sturdy with solid iron material with a thickness of 14 - 20mm, Besides, the combination with floral patterns made from iron will make the villa iron gate design more delicate and beautiful.

Discreetly-designed wrought iron gate

A classic gate design is not too picky but suitable for many customers in Vietnam, customers love privacy and want the best protection for their home.

With discreet designs, customers usually have 2 options.

  • One is to choose thick patterns, thick steel materials, and many accessories to make the iron gate thicker and more discreet. Such designs will often make the wrought iron gate somewhat heavier. They will be suitable for large houses and more convenient if used with an automatic motor system.

  • The second is using a thin sheet of iron or iron mesh inside the main iron gate to limit outsiders from looking into the house. This option is more commonly used because of its lower cost, suitable for the majority of customers in Vietnam.

At Nguyen Phong Metal, we own hundreds of different artistic iron gate design with all styles from classic European and foreign to the most popular and unique villa gate models in Vietnam. You just need to provide specific information or your house design drawings, we will give you the most suitable iron classic gate design for your home.

Many years experience in production and construction in this field, we can understand all what customers need when coming to Nguyen Phong Metal. Iron works of art will certainly never let you down.


Coming to Nguyen Phong Metal, you will get the best advice meeting your needs, and quick quotations. After agreeing the contract / order, Nguyen Phong Metal will survey the actual measurements at the construction site, proceed to plan until you are satisfied with our shop drawing. After that, we will process to manufacture and install the package for you at the construction site.


All products at Nguyen Phong Metal are guaranteed for 12 months.





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