1. What is a wrought iron balcony railing? How is wrought iron railing special?

Wrought iron balcony railing has the same function as other types of railing. Balcony railings usually have handrails and a protective frame/ornament at the bottom. They are installed around the balcony area firmly to protect the outdoor balcony space. Besides the protective function, they also contribute to the decoration, bringing beauty to the outside of your house. Balcony railings are made from many materials: tube iron, solic iron, stainless steel, wood, aluminum, etc.

How is wrought iron balcony railing different?

  • Handcrafted wrought iron railings are hand-crafted and carefully crafted to create delicate patterns.
  • 100% of the twisted patterns are made from solid steel, have high durability.
  • Custom-made according to customer's request, not available from stock.
  • Therefore, the production time is usually longer than that of ordinary railings.
  • Wrought iron railing carries artistic value, personalized for each customer.


For these reasons, wrought iron balcony railing has become a high-end decorative product that many customers around the world seek to buy for luxury housing projects, villas, classic castles...

2. Handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing - diverse designs, various colors, beautiful patterns.

Handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products from Vietnam's factory are created from the craftsmanship and creativity of genuine artisans. The product always brings customers diversity and artistry in design, alongside durability and solidity. We have a diverse library of balcony railing design that are updated daily.

With eye-catching patterns and a variety of 200 high-quality paint colors (Asia and Jotun brands), customers can easily choose the product that suits their home decorating style.

3. Handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing - robust, durable.

100% of the wrought iron balcony railing is made from twisted solid steel (solid square iron, solid round iron, and solid flat iron) - therefore, they are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products from Vietnam's factory are the top choice for those seeking durability, solidity, and beauty. Especially for railings for luxury villas, castles, because they carry special artistic value, personalized design for each customer that cheap industrial products do not have.

Although wrought iron railings are handcrafted, under rigorous working processes that have been condensed from over 10 years of work, 4 years of exporting products, Nguyen Phong Metal is committed to providing products that are better than expected. The products will be made to the construction standards (according to the technical drawings approved by the customer). In addition, wrought iron railing products must pass our QC team's aesthetic product check and the customer's product representative check (at our factory) before packaging and shipping.

4. Outdoor wrought iron balcony railing is hot-dip galvanized to prevent rust.

Handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products from Vietnam's factory are hot-dip galvanized (as required). Therefore, the product is delicately finished and has high durability, bringing peace of mind to customers about product quality.

Depending on the weather conditions where you live, we will suggest hot-dip galvanizing for the product. If the local climate is mild, not harsh, or some railings are used indoors, then hot-dip galvanizing may not be necessary to save costs.

5. Customized 2D & 3D balcony railing designed according to customer's requirements.

Customers come not only from Vietnam but also from other countries around the world. We have exported wrought iron products to many countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, South America, etc. Nguyen Phong Metal is always ready to meet customer needs. When you decide to place an order, our team will provide customized 2D & 3D as required with full descriptions of the product's appearance and technical details, our customers can be assured to place orders remotely.

6. Wrought iron railings - Easy measurement and installation

Handcrafted wrought iron balcony railings from Vietnamese factories are also very easy to measure and install. You need to provide Nguyen Phong Metal with accurate dimensions and a description of the installation area of the balcony railing. Our technical team will advise you on the best approach.

When buying wrought iron railings from our factory, you will receive a 2D drawing and detailed instructions for installing the product. In addition, our after-sale support team is always available online to help customers answer any questions during the railing installation process.

7. Professional manufacturing process, quality assurance.

At the Vietnam factory, the manufacturing process of handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products is carried out with professionalism, caution from the quotation receipt, drawing up drawings, QC double-check during the production process, packaging, and shipping support - every step is carefully and accurately implemented to ensure product quality to customers. Customers can completely trust our handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products from Vietnam's factory.

You can see the process of buying wrought iron products here.

In conclusion, the handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products from Nguyen Phong Metal in Vietnam are the top choice for those who want to find high-quality outdoor decorative products for their houses.

With diverse designs, beautiful appearance, durability, good load-bearing capacity, easy measurement, and installation, customers can fully trust our handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products from Vietnam's factory.

Moreover, with a professional manufacturing process and quality assurance, our handcrafted wrought iron balcony railing products have been exported to many countries around the world. Nguyen Phong Metal appreciates that and always strives to work and upgrade products every day.


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